Rape and Sexual Assault

Statistics from: National Center for Victims of Crime - Year 2000

  • One rape or sexual assault occurs every two minutes.
  • One violent crime occurs every five seconds in the U.S.
  • 172 Women are physically and/or sexually assaulted every hour!
  • 261,000 rapes and sexual assaults occurred in the U.S. in 2000.
  • 90,186 forcible rapes in 2000 as reported to police.
  • In the year 2000, 2.8 % of college women experienced rape in a six month U.S. Department of Justice study.
  • 17% of rape or sexual assault victims were victimized by someone they knew!
  • One murder occurs every 34 minutes.

Statistics show, when and where most women were attacked. We found that many, if not most attacks, were preceded by some form of verbal assault or what we call the "Interview".

An interesting fact is that a very high percentage of attacks (as much as 90%, according to the FBI) do not come as a total surprise. In fact, a high percentage of attacks on women are by someone they know!

What I am talking about here is someone jumping out from behind a bush or parked car. No, more often than not, real attacks are usually preceded by some sort of verbal exchange. 

Knowing how to deal with this "Interview" can help you avoid most attacks from ever becoming physical.

The "bonus" to this technology is that should the aggressor still attempt to proceed with his physical assault, your mind and body will be in "high gear" to offer you the best physical defense as well.

Self-Defense for Women

  • How to effectively deal with the most common attacks against women!
  • The art of using good verbal and spatial skills to prevent many assaults from becoming physical in the first place.
  • Bedroom attacks! How to defend against someone attacking you in bed!
  • How to execute the "stop hit". This technique can stop even the largest attacker in his tracks!
  • Quick and effective defenses and escapes from non life threatening "annoyance" attacks.
  • The best way to escape safely from a car jacking attempt!
  • Protecting yourself from the most common of all mugging attacks.
  • Defenses from chokes and strangles.
  • Defending yourself when your attacker is on top of you with your back against the ground.
  • Learning the secrets of preventing verbal assaults from becoming physical!
  • Devastating and finishing counter attacks!
  • What to do if you are tackled and brought to the ground.
  • Strategic targeting secrets. Learning to striking the proper targets in just the right way.
  • Defending against attacks from the front and rear.
  • Our simplified system of "applied consistency". This is what makes our methods work under the adrenal rush... when others fail!
  • Effective defenses against attempted rape.
  • Defending and counter attacking a slap to the face!